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Project & Change Management

Whether your requirement for business development or change is large or small, we have the knowledge to help you make it successful. To fulfill your requirements in the best way we have composed a Business Development Model (BDM) on a high level.

BDM is a framework to manage business development from identified requirements/ideas/innovation. The purpose is to establish and govern new or developed business capabilities. The BDM framework is based on well established international models, best practice and our own experience. We have a pragmatic approach and the framework is structured for use of any methodology or models you prefer for business case, projects, change management etc. Depending on your requirements we can support you with the whole process or in specific parts of the business development life cycle.

BDM is focused on support of execution speed and time to market. This combined with an overall view on everything required for successful business development, carried out with an agile development approach. For IT solutions and development, we use our experience from full coverage services for open source. The development life cycle in BDM includes:

  • business requirements/innovation assessment
  • solution assessment
  • business case, proof of concept
  • business capability development
  • business integration and establishment
  • governance and benefit realization

Change management, stakeholder management and risk management are integrated in the framework through the whole development life cycle.